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The music industry is changing and now is the time for new artists to emerge and be discovered. Music today is shifting away from studio-packed divas and back to individual songwriters whose diverse talents are being heard like never before. Even so, aspiring songwriters still face immense obstacles in trying to rise above the noise.

The Hollywood Songwriting Contest is an opportunity for real talent to be heard and exposed. This elite, international songwriting competition is an open call to songwriters and artists looking for recognition of their talents and, quite possisbly, that first big break. Bringing together top music industry producers, musicians and songwriters, the Hollywood Songwriting Contest champions the discovery and promotion of the very best songwriters in the world.

The Hollywood Songwriting Contest stands as one of the most prominent music competitions of the day, offering talent amazing prize packages, marketing boosts and most importantly, a chance to make a career in the music industry. In addition to prizes, winners can receive priceless recognition that can lead to recording contracts, studio representation and exposure to a world of fans.

All styles and genres of music are welcome and the Hollywood Songwriting Contest has prize awarding competitions in a host of categories ranging from rock, hip-hop, classical and more. In addition to the 23 top winners awarded for each official competition category, one overall Grand Prize Winner will be chosen and honored from among all entrants and all categories.

Take your place with the talent elite of the recording industry and make your music heard. Enter you work now for this year’s Hollywood Songwriting Contest.

Your time is now.

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