The Hollywood Songwriting Contest is a contest that encompasses music from all genres and nationalities. As a way of keeping focused and fair judging criteria, the competition is broken up into many music genres. Each song submitted should be entered into one of the following areas or genres. If a song submission falls into more than one category the contestant may choose the one that best fits. They may also submit the song in multiple categories (see contest rules).


Each category will receive its own prize package. Each song submitted is also eligible for the Grand Prize regardless of genre.

Adult Alternative

Indie rock, pop rock, alternative rock, alternative country, jazz, folk, world music and blues


Delta, Piedmont, Jump, Chicago blues and all other blues styles.

Children’s Songs

Lullabies, kid’s musicals, pre-school songs, sing-a-longs and all other music for kids.


Original compositions in the classical genre and orchestral soundtracks.

Country & Western

Nashville Country, Country Rock, Bluegrass, Honky-Tonk, Urban Country and more.


Dubstep, Drumstep, Nu Disco, Glitch Hop, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, House, Techno, Trance, Industrial and all forms of electronica and dance music.

Easy Listening

Soft ballads, adult contemporary and Lounge music.


Classic folk, alternative folk, protest songs and campfire songs.


Humor, satire, shock, and the indescribable set to music.

Hip Hop

Gangsta Rap, Dirty South Rap, East Coast Rap, West Coast Rap, Old-School Rap and all other forms of Rap and Hip Hop.


Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Hanukah, or songs for other seasons or national celebrations.

Independent (Exclusive)

For unsigned songwriters and independently created songs ONLY. This category excludes any submission that is under contract with any major label or studio. It can include any genre of music. *Only major label contracts are excluded. Artists or songwriters on indie labels are eligible for this category.


No lyrics and not belonging to the classical genre.

Lyrics (Exclusive)

Lyrics can be submitted in this category covering any genre as long as only lyrics are submitted.

New Age

The melodies of the soul, the sounds of nature, music to relax to, healing sounds for mediation and music to contemplate the meaning of life.


Contemporary to classic sounds of the Caribbean and Jamaica.


Metal, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Rockabilly, Southern Rock, Glam Rock and just plain Rock n’ Roll.


Uplifting, religious and spiritually moving.


Funk, Motown, Neo-Soul, Contemporary R&B and Romantic Soul.


Big Band, Dixieland, Jazz Fusion, Hard Bop, Ragtime and all other forms of jazz.


Brazilian, Contemporary Latin, Pop Latino, Salsa y Tropical and other expressions of sound with a Latino flair.


Top 40, Teen Pop, Britpop and Bubblegum Pop and just about everything on the radio.

World Music

Cultural music from around the world.

Call for Entries


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