We are honored to announce the Winners of the 2016 Hollywood Songwriting Awards.

Grand Prize Winner

Dancing With The Wrong Girl written by Lucy Parle

Adult Alternative

Best Adult Alternative Song: Factory Made written by Wyatt Brewer

Out Of The Dark written by Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson

Official Finalistss
Dreams are Blueprints written by Colin Heckman
(All I Wanna Find) Yesterday written by Ben Skeie
You're Gone written by Michael Schmidt
Shattered Stars written by Tonni Riley
Desert Called Love written by John Incardona


Best Blues Song: Thanks (To Your Gift) written by Ramon Gallifa

Children’s Songs

Best Children's Song: Sing Like You Mean It written by Shaula Walko

CaCa: Happy Moods! Written by Angela En-Yu Lao
Sweet Flowers written by Scott Ennis
Treasures Under The Rocks written by Anna Antonova
Play The Drums written by Lorena Perez Batista
Sweet Child of My Eyes written by Ramon Gallifa
Betcha can't make me laugh written by Omar Hart
Morning Tears written by Ramon Gallifa


Best Classical Song: Flights of Childhood written by Daniel Gare

Canzonetta di Alba written by Simonne Draper
The Dragon Apprentice written by Andreas Häberlin
The Keys written by Farid Itani
A Crescent written by Angela En-Yu Lao
Canzonetta di Aqua written by Simonne Draper

Country & Western

Best Country & Western: Heavens Got a Good One written by Whitney Lusk

Wrong written by Lucy Parle From The Outside written by Gina Brooklyn, Stephanie Lewis & Mike Shimshack
Always written by Lucy Parle

Official Finalists
Im Through with It written by Kyle Daigle
I Won't Mind written by Wesley King
It Had to Be You written by Erick Manard
Tell Me How I'll Know written by Kerry Rogers
If it wasn't for the whiskey written by Eric Blossman


Best Reggae Song: Waiting for What? written by Steve Bancroft


Best Folk Song: MAKS The Fox written by Kori Simonson

White Sails written by Daniel Heslop
The Colors You Make written by Hannah Cooper
Midwestern Sky written by Brandon Grafius
Anywhere Is Better Then Here written by Michael Schmidt
Politicwords written by Stephen Behar

Hip Hop

Best Hip Hop Song: Hope for Tomorrow written by Edward Barraza

Generations Lost written by Zach Hetman


Best Holiday Song: It's Christmas Time written by Chris Cook

CaCa: Happy Halloween! Written by Angela En-Yu Lao
Tomorrow is Christmas Morning written by Katie Garibaldi


Best Unsigned Song: Let's Ride written by James Tierney

England written by Andrew Holmes
Superman written by Kimberly Wolff
Drive By Town written by Rachel Louise Taylor
Reinvent written by Keegan Corbey
Counting on Love written by Jess Novak

Official Finalists
No One Else Alive written by Stephanie Middleton
Dear Adam Dear Eve written by Andrew Huang
A Little Crazy written by Suzanne Kinsella
Ocean written by Robert Ouseley
Little Church written by Tonni Riley
Standing On The Edge Of Time written by Anthony Frizzell


Best Instrumental Song: Living with Bipolar: Fear, Despair, Elation written by Christina Lyons

Horsin’ Around written by Jesse G Shepherd
The Prophet written by Gavin Libotte
Canzonetta Ritmico written by Simonne Draper
Life written by Michele McLaughlin

Official Finalists
A Night Alone written by Bellavia Alberto
The Dragon Apprentice written by Andreas Häberlin
Horsin' Around written by Jesse G Shepherd
SNF written by Bill Palmer
She Walks in Beauty written by Michael Dulin


Best Latin Song: Jy Kan written by Ricardo Alvarez

Lyrics Only

Best Lyrics: Butterfly Nets written by Julietta Zsofnyak

Friday night written by Dina Draz
Without You written by Mark Torres
Save Me written by DeQuana Quarles
Best Actor written by Debra Gussin

Official Finalists
Hotter Than Hell (We Are At War) written by Debra Gussin
Broadway Lights written by Jason Lee
Today is gonna be my lucky day written by Joyce Cervantes
Sometimes written by Nia Moore
March written by Regina Chappano


Best Rock Song:Walk Into My Life written by XueRan Chen

Another House of Pain written by Nino Del Pesco Warrior written by Marisa Nikole


Best Spiritual Song: MTMTE (More Than Meets The Eye) written by Zach Hetman

Master Lead Me written by Paul Anderson
Microcosm to Macrocosm written by Exotic Dimensions


Best Soul/R&B Song: Olivia Rose Wallace written by Wallace Films

Heart of Glass written by Omar Hart


Best Jazz Song: Ancient Incense written by Shota Yamamoto

Red Sea written by Darrell Katz, Rebecca Shrimpton & Paula Tatarunis


Best Teen Song: Into the Light written by Michelle C. You

Hush written by Camryn Quinlan
Who Do You Think You Are written by Patricia Fitzgerald
Carry Me written by Ashley Fulton
Beating to My Drums written by Sherry Wang


Best Pop Song: Love is What We Need written by Meg Pfeiffer

Into the Light written by Michelle C. Yu
NOI written by The Red badnd, Video by Diego Fiori & Olga Pohankova
Tickling the Ivories written by John Paciga 
Choose Life (feat. A) written by Mark Schmitz
Unbelieve written by Celeste Newman

Official Finalists
Black and Blue written by Luna Keller
Love You A Little Longer written by Josh Ronen
Love is what we need written by Meg Pfeiffer
Kiss Me Again written by Michael Schmidt
Ghosts written by Paulina Vo


Best Performance Song: Another House of Pain written by Nino Del Pesco

Will I written by Natalie Jean

World Music

Best World Music Song: Skye Island written by Txema Cabria

A Flower in Himalayas written by Exotic Dimensions
Skye Island written by Txema Cabria
Memory written by Ramon Gallifa
#OneSkyAbove written by Amen Ben Koussa (a.k.a Amen BK)
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