2015 Award Winners

We are honored to announce the Winners of the 2015 Hollywood Songwriting Awards.

Grand Prize Winner

Stories Flyin' by James Gray

Adult Alternative

Best Adult Alternative Song: Last Reincarnation by Noam Weinstein


Same Girl by Peter Bacsalmasi
After All by Tanya Connolly
Bluesman's Lullaby by Keith Pearson
Vals de la Ausencia by Edgar Galeano
Love is Like Water by Carl Emerton
29 Years Ago Today by Randy Lee

Official Finalists

Do my Own Things by Melissa Hunt
I look at you by Jochen Schild
I Live, Like a Cuckoo in a Clock by Christina Lyons & Anna Akhmatova
No Exit by Monica Sharma, Tommy Faragher
Remember Me by Monica Sharma


Best Blues Song: Round'n'Round by Novinski Michal & Krasnohorsky Juraj

Children’s Songs

Best Children's Song: Clap on The 2 & The 4 by Ori Dagan


Summer Festival by Summer Festival


Best Classical Song: Finesa 2015 by Simonne Draper


In Pieces by Nathan Goble
Hang on to the Memory by Bob Herrschaft
The Keys by Joe Hoster

Comedy / Novelty

Best Comedy/Novelty: Fish song by Fish song


It Only Happens In The Movies by David Louis Brown
I Like Your Caboose by Wayne V Martin
Slip Away by Wayne V Martin

Country & Western

Best Country & Western: Let's Ride by Justin Wright & Andrew Yacovone


Get Down by Justin Wright & Andrew Yacovone
One of those Guys by Val
Heavenly Magic by Cristina Noor
I Want Love by Bethany Becker, Jeff Pardo

Official Finalists

Guns Or Roses by Guns Or Roses by Rob Cariddi
Rodeo by Bryson Michael Hasty
Rear View Mirror by Wayne V Martin
The Line by Christopher Vancas


Best Dance Song: Sleeping Ghost by Monica Sharma & Tommy Faragher


Breakthrough by Cyril DingomÌ and Karin Fransson
What it is by Weerts
Beat of Your Heart by Victoria Persico ft. Styles P
Just A Mystery by Monica Sharma & Tommy Faragher
Toxic Lover by Monica Sharma & Tommy Faragher

Official Finalists

Skeleton by Jasmine Crowe & Josh Anderson
Firestarter by Monica Sharma, Tommy Faragher
Skin to Skin by Monica Sharma & Tommy Faragher
Waiting by Monica Sharma
Dreaming in Color by Ramsey Noah, Brooke Villanyi

Easy Listening

Best Easy Listening Song: Honey We Sure Did by Daryl Southwick


The Me I Found In You by Dennis Sy
In My Dream by Frank C. Musumici
I'm A Wreck, I'm A Wreck by Frank Conrad Musumici
We Are Getting Crazy Yeah It's Love by Lindsay Hamminga

Official Finalists

And By The Way by Josclynne Grier & Elaine Chelton
Never Mind by Tanya Connolly
Fare Thee Well by Russ Wheelock
This Ring by Wayne V Martin


Best Folk Song: Wild by Katie Vitolins


I wish that I fought for you by Olya Kenney & Nolan Dooley
The Last of the Brave Ones by Luanne Hunt
The Savoury Lane Song by Wayne V Martin
Completely Yours by Lee Desty
Beautiful Girl by Lleilani Burrows and Kurt Burrow

Hip Hop

Best Hip Hop Song:Black Widow by Richard Bonnin


Best Holiday Song: Christmas Is Here by Fadi Awad & Marcie Joy


Best Unsigned Song: Hometown Hero by Justin Wright & Andrew Yacovone


Time Stand Still by James Piper & Michael Smith
Olympic Grind by James Willhite
VIP Dance by Charles Caldwell
Paths With Sugar by Amy Kress & Glenn Sawyer
Ordinary Days by Ramsey Noah, Luke Tozour
Nothing To Brag About by Mia Moravis
Black Widow by Jasmine Crowe, Josh Anderson
Red Lipstick Graffiti by Andrew Yacovone & Justin Wright
Cutoff Jeans by Andrew Yacovone & Justin Wright
We Were Meant To Be by Christin Wismann

Official Finalists

Secrets by Christin Wismann
Quiet by Christin Wismann
North Star by Christin Wismann
For You by Christin Wismann
Summer Love by Christin Wismann
Change Me by Christin Wismann
Deadbeat Boyfriend by Jasmine Crowe, Josh Anderson
Ghost of you by Nicole Gibson/Chris Kelly
Find my way by Ferenc Ulbert, Attila Gebert, Petra Pakai
It took a long time by Giustino Costagliola


Best Independent Song:Who Am I by Florencia Iriondo


I'm Alive by Ritchie Vermeire & Tommy Waters
Ricochet by Rose Lukwago


Best Instrumental Song: Free your Nation by Renny Gamarra


One Dream by Bill Weng
Waltz for Nikki by Peter Bacsalmasi
Departure by Tanya Connolly
Kaleidoscope by Leslie Egerer
Dolorosa by Simonne Draper

Official Finalist

SambaDan by John Finbury
The Throne by Xiaoshu Chen
MEC mechanical electrical chemical by Noel Brady
Spiriton by Artur Zakiyan
Life and Death by Tanya Connolly


Best Latin Song: Duende by Jose Domenech


Mil Veces by Jose Domenech

Lyrics Only

Best Lyrics: Phoenix by Christin Wismann


Face The Sun by Nikki Newsom
Invisible by Moranda Rasmussen
Buonanotte Italia by Christin Wismann
Lightning In A Bottle by Jasmine Crowe, Josh Anderson
Hole for a heart by Ivan Petrov
Wall Builder by Christin Wismann
Only in You by Ivan Petrov
Life Is Like A Photo by Christin Wismann
The Lobotomy of Spirit by Olya Kenney
A Deal with the Devil by Isabel

Official Finalists

Minds Eye by Barbara Smith Lavalley
Talking Head by Barbara Smith Lavalley
November by Holly George
Feeling Zombie by Barbara Smith Lavalley
Askew by Will Meadows
Sleep (4am) by Maeve Bell
Wall Builder by Christin Wismann
More beautiful by Ivan Petrov
Overdrive by Christin Wismann


Best Spiritual Song:I'm Gonna Miss You by Andrew Yacovone & Justin Wright


In My House by Colette Lamb
Mother of Two by Tanya Connolly
North Wind by Esther Boersma
Nothing Left of Me by Mitch Pons
Your Love Made Me New by Chad Henninger


Best Soul/R&B Song: Love Somebody by Samoria Preston


Seasons of Changing Love by Kandis Weatherall
Tonight by Samoria Preston
Make You Mine by Jonny Akamu and Megan McConnel
Dancin by Charles Caldwell
Stronger Than Before by Dennis Sy

Official Finalists

Army of 1000 Wishes by Wes Edge
Rebirth by Sam Pomanti
It Gets Better by Samoria Preston
Never by Laura Dimsaite


Best Jazz Song: Be Who You Are by Ahri Golden


27-May by Tomer George Cohen


Best Teen Song: Think I Care by Madi Earl

Sydney Jane by Isabella King
Real Me by Madi Earl
Paper Towns by Sweta Murthy
What I Need by Colin Stevens
Isolated Symmetry by Natalie Prauser
Vinyl by El Lieder, David Swift &Alejandro


Best Pop Song: Blue Eyes by Diane Ayerdi


Here I Am by Madi Earl
Venus by Renny Gamarra
Soul Kisses by Jomerrick composer/Naima carthew
I Never Knew by Antonio Horton
Drivin' to the End by Aaron Needle, Alfred Cubisino
Faithful by Natalie Jean
This World by Lena Fayre & Dan Heath

Official Finalists

What Hurts The Most by Michelle Yu
Walls by Madi Earl
Facade by Saransh Desai-Chowdhry
Metafixation by Guy Grogan


Best Performance Song: Do You Like That? by Lena Fayre & Noah Georgeson


Phoenix Rising by Jasmine Crowe, Josh Anderson
Hands Up by Natalie Jean
Supernova by Jasmine Anderson, Josh Anderson

World Music

Best World Music Song: War & Peace Sylvia Basleh


RAVEN by Carl Emerton
She Wanted Storms Christina Lyons & Anna Akhmatova
Anna Akhmatova Song Cycle Christina Lyons & Anna Akhmatova



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